Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell. Conflicting love.

Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell are two names forever linked to the world of literature. Their relationship has been the subject of much speculation and investigation for over a century. Carroll and Alice's magical friendship inspired one of the greatest children's books of all time, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In this article we look at the unique connection between [...]

The story of Marina Abramovic and Frank Uwe Laysiepen

Life is sometimes more convoluted than any playwright and the story of Marina Abramović and Frank Uwe Lysispen is a vivid confirmation of that. In 2010, the artist held an art performance 'Eyes - Mirror of the Soul' at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The idea of the performance was that Marina would share a moment of silence with any person who sat opposite her while looking into her eyes. For [...]

Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Growing up as a child.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in Lyon in 1900 to a family of small gentry. His father, Jean de Saint-Exupéry, who worked for an insurance company, died before Antoine was four years old, and the five remaining children were brought up in two beautiful chateaux - one in Saint-Maurice-de-Remence, owned by a great-aunt, and another near Saint-Tropez, owned by their maternal grandparents.


Love To dream... To fly... And think of beautiful things.To touch stars and clouds in our sleep.And believe that it's not in vain.That everything in our life will be easy. Hope for a miracle ... Believe in a fairy tale ... Love each other and give warmth ... And live for real ... Without a mask ... To laugh ... To cry ... And create destiny. To give each other joy and a smile To cry with happiness... To burn with love... And not be afraid to make a mistake... All the experience [...]

The story of one photo. Jolie Callan.

Jolie Callan was a petite 18-year-old from Alabama. She was only six feet tall, but she was a popular girl with a big heart. She had just graduated from high school and her immediate plans were to leave home to go to college. But before taking the next step in her life, Jolie decided to break up with her selfish [...]

Edith Piaf. Love is what it is.

Edith Piaf is perhaps the most important phenomenon of the French stage. Her tiny physique, became unimportant when she began to sing with her enchanting voice and the drama in her eyes, reinforced the feeling that she was actually a very big person and a great woman. At the age of 15, after discovering her wonderful voice, she left home and began to sing and [...]

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mercedes Barcha. Book, love, life.

"I have learnt so much from you people... I have learnt that everyone wants to live on top of a mountain, not realising that true happiness lies in the journey to the top itself. I learned that when a newborn baby first squeezes his father's finger with his fist, the feeling of that touch remains for the rest of his life. I learned..." Gabriel García Márquez Some authors may [...]

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