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Have any of you ever wondered - What a Social Network should be? And what is the meaning of the phrase?

First of all. Self-expression. Today's world has become a sanctuary of inhibitions. Inhibitions haunt us at every turn. Any word spoken can now be considered an insult. And this is no joke. This is what is happening right now. If a 'black' person isn't offended, then it's entirely possible for a 'white' person or a fat person or a thin person or a tall person or a short person to be offended. And then there are transvestites, lesbians, gays, feminists, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. And they all demand respect. So if you take out all the words from a sentence of 10 words that you think might offend someone, you are left with only one word and it is not certain that even that word will remain.

Oh, no. This is not a call to insult. It is just a statement of fact and the obvious conclusion from all this - respect should be shown through actions, not words.

After all, if you look at everything from the outside, it becomes clear to you that - ever since the active campaign to protect the rights of "disadvantaged people" began, the number of these very "unprotected people" has been steadily increasing. Every year, there are more and more suffering and unhappy people who cannot find themselves in this world.

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Social networking - communication and respect

A social network, should unite everyone. Regardless of race, gender, age, weight, appearance, social status. It should. But it's not.

What else would we like to do on our social network? Probably listen to our favourite music, watch our favourite films and TV programmes and share our photos. But we have been deprived of this opportunity as well. Again, this is not a call to piracy. I am for the fact that the creator of this or that content should be rewarded. But the reality is that all the rights on music, films, photos are owned by people who didn't take part in creation of these materials. So it happens in most cases.

It is a place, an attempt to create the conditions for all of us to express ourselves, to realise all of our birthright. The right to be born, the right to breathe and the right to speak.

If you like science, is this the place for you, nature? Not a problem. Maybe you like reading stories about great people? The lifestyle section is at your service. There's also humour and news. Create a profile, set up your place as your future future the house.

Aria - communication, respect.
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