Uncovering the extraordinary: strange but true facts about the human body

The human body is an amazing creation, capable of amazing feats and holding countless mysteries. The complexity of our internal organs and the extraordinary abilities of our senses - much remains unknown to the average person. Let's dive into the mysterious and surprising world of anatomy to uncover some strange but true facts about the human body that are sure to amaze and intrigue you. The human body is [...]

What is pain? Understanding its meaning and function

What is pain? It is one of the most common and unpleasant sensations a person experiences. But did you know that it is not just a sensation that affects your body? In fact, pain can have a significant impact on your emotions, relationships and even your overall well-being. So if you've been dealing with pain for a long time, it's time to read on and learn some surprising facts about this complex and fascinating subject.

Sleep and the mysteries of dreams

Secrets of dreams: Unraveling the mysteries. Beyond our waking life, in the world of dreams, lies a mysterious realm that has captivated us since the beginning of time. From the prophetic visions of the ancient Greeks to the vivid nightmares of modern psychology, dreams have been a source of wonder, fear and fascination. However, despite centuries of study, the true nature of these mysterious experiences remains shrouded in mystery. In this article, we will delve into the depths of the dream world, exploring its secrets, symbolism and power over our waking consciousness. Join us on our journey in search of new discoveries to unravel the mysteries of the dream world.

An amazing microcosm. A slow walker is an animal that cannot be killed.

A tardigrade, better known as a water bear, is a microscopic animal capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions. Due to the ability to fall into a state of anhydrobiosis, these organisms can tolerate extreme temperatures, extremely high pressure and radiation. In this article, we will look at the extraordinary resilience of slow walkers and the consequences that this can have for scientific research and the survival of living beings on our planet.

Science of sadness: Why are we sad?

Sadness is a complex emotion that can be triggered by various factors, including life events, genetics and brain chemistry. Understanding the nature and causes of sadness can help people cope better with their feelings and improve treatment strategies for mental illness. Through scientific and clinical research, scientists are discovering new insights into the science of sadness, paving the way for a deeper understanding of this universal human experience.

Unlocking abilities: Modifying DNA for a better future, or...?

Researchers are constantly working to unlock the possibilities of DNA modification for a better future. This technology has the potential to cure disease, increase yields and even correct genetic disorders. However, with great power comes great responsibility and ethical considerations must be taken into account. Despite the challenges, the potential benefits of DNA modification are enormous and researchers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Artificial intelligence, pros and cons of using it.

The world is experiencing a technological revolution, and the rise of AI is one of the most significant developments. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live and work, making our lives easier and more efficient. However, there are very real risks and challenges that cannot be ignored. In this article we look at the dangers of artificial intelligence, and the threats it poses, and how [...]

Our galaxy is the Milky Way.

On summer evenings, sometimes you can lift your eyes to the sky and see a diffuse glow that looks like a long streak of light in space: it's the Milky Way. But what is it? A clear streak crosses the summer sky, almost like a milky trail. Indeed, that's why scientists have named it the Milky Way! But what is the Milky Way? Easy: it's our [...]

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