Skin. An irreplaceable organ of the human body.

Skin - who would have thought! - is a special, ever-changing organ. Not only that, it is also the largest organ: in an adult, it has a total area of up to two square metres and can weigh up to 3.6 kg! Our skin contains billions of micro organisms living in symbiosis with our body. Around the navel alone there are 2,400 different [...]

10 facts about stars you might not have known

Прежде всего, необходимо знать что звёзды не разбросаны беспорядочно по небесному своду. Они сгруппированы в большие скопления, называемые галактиками. По данным астрономов, во Вселенной их число равно 100 миллиардам! Также и наше Солнце является частью галактики – Млечный Путь, а ближайшая к нам, называется Андромеда и находится на расстоянии всего 2,5 миллиона световых лет. Итак, […]

Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system.

Эта планета сформировалась всего через миллион лет после рождения Солнечной системы: Юпитер, газовый гигант, является первенцем среди всех планет нашей галактики. Каким образом это было обнаружено? Благодаря метеоритам! Попавшим в зону гравитации гиганта. Самая большая планета Солнечной системы, также является самой старой. Поскольку твердое ядро, образующее “хребет” газового гиганта, сформировалось всего через миллион лет после […]

Diseases and the body's fight against them.

A common occurrence, you get sick and then - cold, chills and exhaustion overtake you. What lies behind the fever? And how does our body use the rise in temperature to help us recover? To start with, body temperature rises for a reason... Illnesses and the body's fight against them, all processes are always led by our brain.

Our brain and amazing facts about it.

The human brain is the command centre of our body: it enables all our everyday activities such as reading, solving a mathematical problem, talking to friends... In short, whether the actions are simple or complex, it makes them possible! Although the brain is an organ that has been studied for a very long time, due to its incredibly complex structure scientists only know about [...]

Galileo Galilei. "And Pur moves!"

Galileo Galilei. Today we are going to talk about a great scientist from the distant past who pushed humanity to question the universe and its mysteries. And who revolutionised science! When we lift our eyes to the starry sky, more or less, we know what we are looking at: the stars, planets and other celestial bodies, are established facts about which in general [...]

The sun. Star of life or death?

The Sun - the star of our system - which is called Solar for a reason, is the main source of life on Earth: without it, we could not exist! But it's not just life that carries this bright light in the sky. If it were not for our planet's atmosphere, a long and painful death would await us. Over the centuries - physicists, astronomers and [...]

How long is a day on other planets? The relativity of time.

Всё в жизни относительно. Как часто мы слышим эту фразу. Думаю время от времени вы и сами приходите к такому выводу. Ничто в нашем мире не постоянно а реальность настолько многогранна что захватывает дух. Возьмём, к примеру “время” самую непостоянную величину. На каждой планете время течёт по разному, поэтому думаю вам интересно будет узнать – […]

The Red Planet. Mars and its mysteries

As a celestial body, the red planet was known to the first civilisations to appear on Earth. But the first person to truly study the planet was Asaph Hall, who also discovered the two satellites of Mars, giving them the names Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror), this happened in 1877 and since then scientists have not given [...]

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