The Red Planet. Mars and its mysteries

As a celestial body, the red planet was known to the first civilisations to appear on Earth. But the first person to truly study the planet was Asaph Hall, who also discovered the two satellites of Mars, giving them the names Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror), this happened in 1877 and since then scientists have not given [...]

Venus. Earth's big sister.

Venus, goddess of love and also, a distant, mysterious planet. In our race for survival, where the ultimate prize is death. We sometimes miss so much of what surrounds us at every turn. Miracles are all around us and it's no joke. Take wind, for example. A destructive force capable of destroying entire cities. But we can't even see it. To feel it, but not to see it. We are so used to it that we don't even think about what the wind is?

Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system.

The name of this planet comes from the tradition of the ancient astronomers of Babylon, who, through Greek culture, associated the characteristics of the various planets with the features of the Olympian gods. So it makes sense that the fastest planet bears the name of a messenger of the gods in winged sandals. By the way, in Rome this god became the patron saint of thieves and dexterity, but in this the planet is not like him: the [...]

The solar system. Briefly about the main features.

Are you sure you know all about what our solar system is like? Here are some interesting features you might not have known about.The solar system is so called because the eight planets (nine, if you count Pluto) that make it up, as well as the other celestial bodies in the system, revolve around the Sun, our star. Probably everyone knows this. Did you know [...]

The amazing human cell. Viruses and immunity.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the structure of our world is completely independent of humanity's wishes. Mankind can destroy life, but fix it, edit it, alas. It won't be possible. For even a human cell carries a flow of information that no computer can cope with. The human cell is a molecule of medicine. If every molecule of an aspirin pill were the size of [...]

Frederick Banting. Insulin and "Flame of Hope"

Canadian physician and physiologist Sir Frederick Bunting was one of the discoverers of insulin, which saved the lives of tens of millions of people. The scientist won the Nobel Prize (jointly with John McLeod) for his discovery in 1923. The year before this event. In January 1922 the young doctor saved a life for the first time in history by injecting insulin into a 14-year-old boy suffering from severe [...]

People in dreams. New research.

Dreams are bound to come true, but to speed up the process, step towards them every day. Surprises follow us every step of the way and you just need to know where to look. People in dreams is one of the mysterious mysteries. Well, let's talk about dreams, especially as this topic is mysterious and never ceases to stir the imagination. A dream is [...]

Nikola Tesla - the misunderstood genius

The hushed audience in the crowded theatre, frozen.Tension, like an ominous cloud, hung in the air.A snap of the fingers and the show begins. It is the evening of 1891 and Nikola Tesla is on stage. A moment and a red, fiery ball of fire flashes in his hand. The man, like a god, manipulates the flame, moving it closer and closer to his white tailcoat and then to his black hair. The astonishment of the audience is limitless, the magician [...]

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