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Conflicts and wars and their endless cycles.

Conflicts and wars are an inevitable part of human interaction. Whether between individuals, groups or states, they can arise from differences of opinion, values or interests. Conflict can be destructive and lead to negative results, but on the other hand it can also be productive, leading to positive change. The challenge is to find ways [...]

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Our galaxy is the Milky Way.

On summer evenings, sometimes you can lift your eyes to the sky and see a diffuse glow that looks like a long streak of light in space: it's the Milky Way. But what is it? A clear streak crosses the summer sky, almost like a milky trail. Indeed, that's why scientists have named it the Milky Way! But what is the Milky Way? Easy: it's our [...]

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Dance and think of nothing!

- Dance," said the Sheep Man. - As long as the music is playing, keep dancing. You understand, don't you? Dance and don't stop. Why you dance, don't reason. Don't think about what the point is. There's no point and there never has been a point. If you think about it, your feet will stop. And if your feet ever stop, there's nothing we can do for you [...]

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Costa Rica's giant stone balls

Costa Rica's giant stone spheres were first discovered in the 1930s by workers clearing the jungle for banana plantations. Local legend had it that gold was supposed to be hidden inside the mysterious stone spheres. Many of the petrospheres had been split open, some of them blown up. But they were empty. So where did these giant stone spheres come from and, just as importantly, what was their purpose?

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10 facts about stars you might not have known

Прежде всего, необходимо знать что звёзды не разбросаны беспорядочно по небесному своду. Они сгруппированы в большие скопления, называемые галактиками. По данным астрономов, во Вселенной их число равно 100 миллиардам! Также и наше Солнце является частью галактики – Млечный Путь, а ближайшая к нам, называется Андромеда и находится на расстоянии всего 2,5 миллиона световых лет. Итак, […]

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