Картинка профиля


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The Antikythera mechanism and its secret.

The Antikythera mechanism and its history came to light at the beginning of the 20th century, exactly on May 17, 1902, a wreck of an ancient Roman ship was found off the island of Serigotto (Antikythera). Antikythera is a rocky island located between Crete and mainland Greece. In the early 1900s, a group of Greek divers from the eastern Mediterranean island of Symi were searching for natural sponges when, during a storm [...]

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The post office and children as parcels.

The post office itself is an inexhaustible treasure trove of funny stories and jokes. But sometimes people do their best to make things even more absurd. At least from the point of view of modern man. Postal services have been around since time immemorial, but the ability to send large parcels for ordinary people has been around for a hundred years. [...]

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The story of one photo. Jolie Callan.

Jolie Callan was a petite 18-year-old from Alabama. She was only six feet tall, but she was a popular girl with a big heart. She had just graduated from high school and her immediate plans were to leave home to go to college. But before taking the next step in her life, Jolie decided to break up with her selfish [...]

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Картинка профиля
Картинка профиля
Картинка профиля
Картинка профиля

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