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    5 месяца, 3 weeks ago

    There was once an architect. He had spent his whole life building houses, but became old and decided to retire.
    - I'm retiring," he told his employer. - I'm retiring. I'm going to look after my grandchildren.

    The landlord was sorry to part with the man, so he asked him to:
    - Listen, how about this - build one last house and we'll see you off to retirement. You'll get a nice present...

    The architect agreed. According to the new project, he needed to build a house for a small family, and so it began: approvals, material searches, inspections...

    The architect was in a hurry because he already saw himself retired. Something was left undone, something was simplified, he bought cheap materials as they could be delivered quicker... He felt that he was not doing his best work, but he justified himself by saying that this was the end of his career. When the construction was finished, he summoned the owner. He inspected the house and said:
    - You know, this is your house! Here, take the keys. The paperwork's all done. It's a gift from the firm for your many years of work.

    What the architect experienced was known only to him! He stood red with embarrassment while everyone around him clapped their hands and congratulated him on his housewarming and thought he was blushing from shyness, but he was blushing from embarrassment at his own negligence.

    He was aware that all the mistakes and faults had now become his problems, and everyone around him thought he was embarrassed by the expensive gift. And now he had to live in the one house he had built badly...

    Conclusion: We are all architects of our own lives. Everything we do today matters tomorrow. Today we are already building the house we will move into tomorrow...

    #необычные-истории #карма #life


Картинка профиля
Картинка профиля
Картинка профиля
Картинка профиля

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