Luck and warning signs, strange coincidences.

Once, in a speech at a gala, Churchill proclaimed: "Health, wealth, fame, these are all important, but I should like to wish you just, Good luck! After all, on "TITANIK" most of the passengers were rich and famous. But only few of them were lucky to survive" Can one explain in a nutshell what luck and misfortune are? It's [...]

Wine in French schools, the history of one tradition

Don't you think there are too many inhibitions in our lives? On the face of it, these seem like useful prohibitions. Not to drink wine, beer or other alcohol and not to smoke in public places. The most popular ban of late has been the addition of another one - not wearing a mask, etc. But what's interesting is whether there are fewer people who are [...]

People in dreams. New research.

Dreams are bound to come true, but to speed up the process, step towards them every day. Surprises follow us every step of the way and you just need to know where to look. People in dreams is one of the mysterious mysteries. Well, let's talk about dreams, especially as this topic is mysterious and never ceases to stir the imagination. A dream is [...]

Music is a part of the soul that we are losing. Musician Joshua Bell

No one noticed how on a chilly January morning, a strange musician, a violinist, appeared in the lobby of the Enfant Plaza metro station. He played for 43 minutes, unnoticed and unrecognised by anyone. The musician was one of the greatest violinists in the world. And in his hands was a violin, a Stradivarius from 1713, worth almost four million dollars. He is 39 years old, and since 16 [...]

Nikola Tesla - the misunderstood genius

The hushed audience in the crowded theatre, frozen.Tension, like an ominous cloud, hung in the air.A snap of the fingers and the show begins. It is the evening of 1891 and Nikola Tesla is on stage. A moment and a red, fiery ball of fire flashes in his hand. The man, like a god, manipulates the flame, moving it closer and closer to his white tailcoat and then to his black hair. The astonishment of the audience is limitless, the magician [...]

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