The cave of hands. Messages from the distant past.

Seven thousand years before the creation of the first book and four thousand years before the Egyptians began writing their hieroglyphics on the walls of the great pyramids, the ancient Patagonian hunters left their mark, in history. Each handprint was a personal acknowledgement of a particular person's life, and each such group was a demonstration of community. Then around these imprints the people drew [...]

The solar system. Briefly about the main features.

Are you sure you know all about what our solar system is like? Here are some interesting features you might not have known about.The solar system is so called because the eight planets (nine, if you count Pluto) that make it up, as well as the other celestial bodies in the system, revolve around the Sun, our star. Probably everyone knows this. Did you know [...]

Thomas Sankara. The poorest president.

Have you ever heard the expression "The people have the government they deserve"? Do you think this is a correct statement? I am not going to answer that question. But I hope that after reading this post, you will find the answer. In the meantime, I'd like you to meet the president of an African country. It's boring, you might think. Take your time... You may have never heard of this man, but you will be very interested to meet him. Get to know him...

Colossi of Memnon.

Memnon was a hero of the Trojan War. He was also an Ethiopian king who led his armies from Africa to Asia to defend a besieged city. He was eventually killed by Achilles. These two statues usually refer to the entire Theban necropolis known as 'Memnonium' These faceless colossi (plural from the word 'colossus', meaning ...

The story of one photo. Jolie Callan.

Jolie Callan was a petite 18-year-old from Alabama. She was only six feet tall, but she was a popular girl with a big heart. She had just graduated from high school and her immediate plans were to leave home to go to college. But before taking the next step in her life, Jolie decided to break up with her selfish [...]

Franz Kafka, a little girl, and her traveling doll.

Franz Kafka did not achieve fame during his lifetime; most of his works were published after his death. Accordingly, the fame came to other people who, despite his will (to burn all the stories he had written), published his works, and did not fail. Franz's life was short and complicated, he didn't have time to marry, he had no children, but the man [...]

Edith Piaf. Love is what it is.

Edith Piaf is perhaps the most important phenomenon of the French stage. Her tiny physique, became unimportant when she began to sing with her enchanting voice and the drama in her eyes, reinforced the feeling that she was actually a very big person and a great woman. At the age of 15, after discovering her wonderful voice, she left home and began to sing and [...]

Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Mercedes Barcha. Book, love, life.

"I have learnt so much from you people... I have learnt that everyone wants to live on top of a mountain, not realising that true happiness lies in the journey to the top itself. I learned that when a newborn baby first squeezes his father's finger with his fist, the feeling of that touch remains for the rest of his life. I learned..." Gabriel García Márquez Some authors may [...]

The amazing human cell. Viruses and immunity.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the structure of our world is completely independent of humanity's wishes. Mankind can destroy life, but fix it, edit it, alas. It won't be possible. For even a human cell carries a flow of information that no computer can cope with. The human cell is a molecule of medicine. If every molecule of an aspirin pill were the size of [...]

Frederick Banting. Insulin and "Flame of Hope"

Canadian physician and physiologist Sir Frederick Bunting was one of the discoverers of insulin, which saved the lives of tens of millions of people. The scientist won the Nobel Prize (jointly with John McLeod) for his discovery in 1923. The year before this event. In January 1922 the young doctor saved a life for the first time in history by injecting insulin into a 14-year-old boy suffering from severe [...]

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