Why are we asleep?

Scientists are still unsure - Why do we sleep? But, some facts have already come to light, lifting the veil over this mystery. He who sleeps... recovers: here is everything you ever wanted to know about sleep, from its stages to theories about its basic functions

Interesting facts about planet Earth.

Our home is planet Earth. How old is it? At what speed does it revolve around itself? And around the Sun? Questions and answers to better understand our common home.For us humans, the Earth has always existed and has always included everything that surrounds us. However, our world is nothing more than a finite "body", [...]

Robinson Crusoe and his true story.

Robinson Crusoe and his true story. The famous literary character who finds himself on a (seemingly) deserted island and manages to survive in a hostile environment thanks to his wit and thirst for life. But did you know that not only the island on which the amazing adventures of the English traveller took place, and Robinson Crusoe himself, were not entirely fictional?

Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Growing up as a child.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in Lyon in 1900 to a family of small gentry. His father, Jean de Saint-Exupéry, who worked for an insurance company, died before Antoine was four years old, and the five remaining children were brought up in two beautiful chateaux - one in Saint-Maurice-de-Remence, owned by a great-aunt, and another near Saint-Tropez, owned by their maternal grandparents.

What is intelligence? Mind and body.

It is our mind that makes us human. And like everything in us, it can also grow and develop. Talking about what intelligence (and creativity) is, the great artist Charlie Chaplin once said - "our brain is the most precious toy we have. It will accompany us throughout our lives, allow us to choose which [...]

The nose and the sense of smell. How does it work?

The nose - we are so used to using it spontaneously and automatically that we don't realise how much our sense of smell guides our choices and determines our lives. Let's find out how it works, together! We use our nose to distinguish good products from bad ones and, thanks to aromas, we are also able to sense - attracted or disgusted by a person. Did you know that we have [...]

Skin. An irreplaceable organ of the human body.

Skin - who would have thought! - is a special, ever-changing organ. Not only that, it is also the largest organ: in an adult, it has a total area of up to two square metres and can weigh up to 3.6 kg! Our skin contains billions of micro organisms living in symbiosis with our body. Around the navel alone there are 2,400 different [...]

Salar de Uyuni: the world's biggest mirror

The Salar de Huuni in Bolivia is considered one of the most extreme and surprising sights in all of South America, if not on the whole earth. Covering an area of 10,582 square kilometres on the Altiplano, it is the world's largest salt desert, the product of prehistoric lakes that evaporated long ago. Here the salt crust stretches to the horizon, covered in polygonal, patterned salt sheets, [...]

10 facts about stars you might not have known

Прежде всего, необходимо знать что звёзды не разбросаны беспорядочно по небесному своду. Они сгруппированы в большие скопления, называемые галактиками. По данным астрономов, во Вселенной их число равно 100 миллиардам! Также и наше Солнце является частью галактики – Млечный Путь, а ближайшая к нам, называется Андромеда и находится на расстоянии всего 2,5 миллиона световых лет. Итак, […]

Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system.

Эта планета сформировалась всего через миллион лет после рождения Солнечной системы: Юпитер, газовый гигант, является первенцем среди всех планет нашей галактики. Каким образом это было обнаружено? Благодаря метеоритам! Попавшим в зону гравитации гиганта. Самая большая планета Солнечной системы, также является самой старой. Поскольку твердое ядро, образующее “хребет” газового гиганта, сформировалось всего через миллион лет после […]

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