Holly Butcher's farewell letter

She passed away on 4 January 2018 - an aggressive form of cancer had burned the girl out in just over a year. The day before her death, Holly Butcher shared her thoughts with 'Those Who Remain', revealing what it hurt the most to say goodbye to and what is truly the most precious thing in life. Here it is, Holly Butcher's farewell letter. "It's very strange [...]

Something about people... Marina Abramovic's performance Rhythm 0

In the 1970s, Serbian artist Marina Abramović conducted an experiment: she stood motionless in one of the exhibition centres. Nearby, a variety of objects - from a hammer and a gun to watercolour paints - were lying around. And people were allowed to take any of these objects and do whatever they wanted with Marina. Marina Abramović's famous performance Rhythm 0 attracted attention thanks to [...]

Dance like nobody's watching

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breath. It is the rhythm of your life. It is an expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy. Dance as if no one sees you, sing as if no one hears you, live as if no one has ever betrayed you...

Dance and think of nothing!

- Dance," said the Sheep Man. - As long as the music is playing, keep dancing. You understand, don't you? Dance and don't stop. Why you dance, don't reason. Don't think about what the point is. There's no point and there never has been a point. If you think about it, your feet will stop. And if your feet ever stop, there's nothing we can do for you [...]

Genetic disc - truth or fiction?

You've probably never heard of this artefact, but it exists and some scientists claim it's the most mysterious find in the world. So, is the Genetic Disc true or false? It is 27 cm in diameter, weighs about 2 kg and, according to archaeologists, is made from a mineral called lidite and contains illustrations of intrauterine development [...]

Birth, love, death...

Birth, love, death or vice versa? What came before and does what happens to us make sense? We cry when someone dies and rejoice at the new life, but have anyone ever thought that these events are closely linked. Without death there is no birth, death always changes everything and dying something old, gives [...]

The story of Marina Abramovic and Frank Uwe Laysiepen

Life is sometimes more convoluted than any playwright and the story of Marina Abramović and Frank Uwe Lysispen is a vivid confirmation of that. In 2010, the artist held an art performance 'Eyes - Mirror of the Soul' at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The idea of the performance was that Marina would share a moment of silence with any person who sat opposite her while looking into her eyes. For [...]

The mystery of the Baghdad Battery

The history of mankind is full of mysteries and riddles, some of which have already been solved, but many have yet to be understood and deciphered. The mystery of the Baghdad Battery belongs to the second category... In 1936, during archaeological excavations at Quyut Rabbua, near Baghdad, a strange object was found that dates back to the Partha civilization that existed in the second century B.C. The object consists of a yellow [...]

Bacteria and their classification

What most frightens modern man and causes chaos in any society. Just say the word out loud and panic ensues. Bacteria. But what are bacteria and what is their classification? What are their characteristics? Who are they - the enemies or friends of our body? In this article we will discover this microcosm and some [...]

Costa Rica's giant stone balls

Costa Rica's giant stone spheres were first discovered in the 1930s by workers clearing the jungle for banana plantations. Local legend had it that gold was supposed to be hidden inside the mysterious stone spheres. Many of the petrospheres had been split open, some of them blown up. But they were empty. So where did these giant stone spheres come from and, just as importantly, what was their purpose?

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