The Antikythera mechanism and its secret.

The Antikythera mechanism and its history came to light at the beginning of the 20th century, exactly on May 17, 1902, a wreck of an ancient Roman ship was found off the island of Serigotto (Antikythera). Antikythera is a rocky island located between Crete and mainland Greece. In the early 1900s, a group of Greek divers from the eastern Mediterranean island of Symi were searching for natural sponges when, during a storm [...]

The mystery of the golden Inca figurines...

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in a tomb dating back to 1500 of the pre-Columbian civilization known as Quimbaia, some 100 small figurines representing animals such as: insects, fish, birds, lizards, bats, frogs and cats were found. Among these figurines, however, there were some that have puzzled many archaeologists and scientists. After all, these figurines resembled modern flying machines. [...]

Voynich's manuscript, the origin of...

Wilfried Wojnich was an antiquarian and rare book dealer from Poland. In 1912 he travelled to Italy and stopped in Frascati on the way. The Jesuit order wanted to restore the Villa Mondragone, but as they did not have much money at their disposal, they decided to sell some of the antique books in their possession. In this way, the antiquary became [...]

Cats, or one story of saving people from rats.

Cats, people and rats. The year 1942 was doubly tragic for Leningrad. In addition to the starvation, which claimed hundreds of lives daily, there was another plague, an infestation of rats. Eyewitnesses recall that the rodents were moving around the city in huge colonies. When they crossed the road, even the trams had to stop. Kira Loginova, a resident of Leningrad, recalled that - "... dark rats in long lines led by [...]

Janusz Korczak. Life for children...

Janusz Korczak was born in Warsaw in 1878. Working as a doctor in a children's hospital and educator in summer camps for underprivileged children he always treated needy patients free of charge. That period was marked by several wars and serving as a doctor in the Russian army during the Russian-Japanese War, Korczak wrote: "Before a country starts a war, it should think about an innocent child who [...]

Holly Butcher's farewell letter

She passed away on 4 January 2018 - an aggressive form of cancer had burned the girl out in just over a year. The day before her death, Holly Butcher shared her thoughts with 'Those Who Remain', revealing what it hurt the most to say goodbye to and what is truly the most precious thing in life. Here it is, Holly Butcher's farewell letter. "It's very strange [...]

Something about people... Marina Abramovic's performance Rhythm 0

In the 1970s, Serbian artist Marina Abramović conducted an experiment: she stood motionless in one of the exhibition centres. Nearby, a variety of objects - from a hammer and a gun to watercolour paints - were lying around. And people were allowed to take any of these objects and do whatever they wanted with Marina. Marina Abramović's famous performance Rhythm 0 attracted attention thanks to [...]

Dance like nobody's watching

Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breath. It is the rhythm of your life. It is an expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy. Dance as if no one sees you, sing as if no one hears you, live as if no one has ever betrayed you...

Dance and think of nothing!

- Dance," said the Sheep Man. - As long as the music is playing, keep dancing. You understand, don't you? Dance and don't stop. Why you dance, don't reason. Don't think about what the point is. There's no point and there never has been a point. If you think about it, your feet will stop. And if your feet ever stop, there's nothing we can do for you [...]

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