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  • 20 Wise Tips from Dale Carnegie…
    Writer, psychologist and educator Dale Carnegie thought and lived according to the principle "there are no bad people in the world." There are only unpleasant circumstances that can be easily changed only by changing the attitude towards them. Therefore, you should not spoil the life and mood of others because of them.

    He also developed his own concept…Read More

  • There's an old Jewish parable. Once a donkey accidentally fell into a farmer's well. While the farmer was thinking about what to do, the animal was making pitiful noises for hours, which annoyed everyone, and the only thing the farmer wanted was for it to shut up. So the farmer made a decision. He thought that the donkey was already old and no longer needed the farm....Read More

  • let's play ball 😇

  • When very happy to meet... 😁

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