dance no matter what

Dance and think of nothing!

- Dance," said the Sheep Man. - As long as the music is playing, keep dancing. You understand, don't you? Dance and don't stop. Why you dance, don't reason. Don't think about what the point is. There's no point and there never has been a point. If you think about it, your feet will stop. And if your feet stop once, we can't help you. All your contacts with the world around you will be cut off. It will be cut off forever. If that happens, you'll only be able to live in this world. Gradually you will be sucked into it. That's why there's no way your feet can stop. Even if everything around you seems silly and pointless - don't pay attention. Follow the rhythm - and keep dancing. And then what's not quite solidified in you will begin to slowly wake up.

Haruki Murakami

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