Rules and prohibitions

A society of people and its rules and prohibitions.

Наверное никто не знает, когда впервые человечество создало первое правило и первый запрет. Но, судя по всему, мы с этой способностью уже очень давно. Ничто люди не любят так сильно, как создавать правила, устанавливать запреты, возводить стены, проводить границы… Вот такое оно – Общество людей и их правила и запреты. Хотя казалась бы – все люди одинаковы, это вам может сказать любой кто общается с жителями разных стран. Различия минимальны. Основа же, желания и поступки этих людей, все одинаковы.

Все хотят, одного и того же. С внедрением интернета казалось все границы рухнут, но нет, сеть стала ещё одним инструментом в руках тех, кто любой ценой хочет сохранить полученные богатства. Речь не только о правительствах, официальные представители стран, уже давно играют роль – говорящих голов. Всё решают люди стоящие в тени.

How do they manage to manipulate us all like that? The answer is simple. Herd instinct and fear. No one wants to be a victim and no one wants to be outnumbered. Divide and conquer. Bread and circuses. So many centuries have passed and in essence nothing has changed. And in this, the internet has become an indispensable aid.

When those who have sold their souls for silver coins come to social networks, they start creating controversial topics, followed by those who actively like them, then the accounts change and active discussion begins. From the outside it looks as if a lot of different people are actively discussing something and there is an illusion that most people support the topic. And then, the person who wanted to express his opinion, suddenly gets lost, it seems that he remains in the minority, he shuts up and leaves ... But to the silence, the answer will always be a sound.

How else can you intimidate people? It's simple, if your goal is to limit the population as much as possible, create more laws in which the concepts are very vague, which lack specificity and can be interpreted in different ways. And lo and behold, you get a country all of whose residents are potential criminals because any law can be applied to any situation. And there are many more such countries now than you can imagine.

Well, with prohibitions based on the retention of power and material values, everything is clear. But however vile their motives may be, their actions are understandable, but what about religious prohibitions. Which defy logic and morality.

Общество людей и их правила и запреты

Society of people and their rules and prohibitions in religion.

Of course you all know the Netherlands, Europe's leader in terms of living standards and quality of life. Let's not ask how a tiny country has a higher standard of living than any other mining country (except for Norway), it would be rhetorical... Let's get straight to the point. The Netherlands has only recently become so open.

What do you know about pillarisation? It's probably the first time you've heard of it. In fact, it was the word that defined all social life in Holland up until the mid-eighties. Until 40 years ago, Catholics and Protestants in Holland were divided into two hated camps because of pillarisation. The word comes from "pillar". In other words, if you belong to one pillar, you can't be connected to the other....

All these restrictions were the condition for the appearance of the unusual monument. In 1842, Colonel Aeffderson of the cavalry fell in love with a Van Gorkum girl. The only problem was that he was a Protestant of the peasantry and she was a Catholic and of noble birth. They were not supposed to get married because they were of different religions and of different classes. However, in defiance of all social and religious taboos, they got married. Their marriage caused a social uproar. However, all these bans and censures did not prevent their union, which lasted for 40 years. In 1882 Aeffderson died. His wife wanted to be buried next to him after his death.

But by law she had no right to do so, as Catholic and Protestant cemeteries were separated by a brick wall. She then chose to bury her husband by the cemetery wall itself. Eight years later Van Gorkum also died. In her will she indicated that she refused to be buried in the family crypt, but made her last will that she be buried on the other side of the wall, opposite her husband's grave. Monuments have been placed over the graves, which join hands in a firm handshake. And this handshake could not be separated by anything or anyone. After all, in the other world, everyone laughs at our rules and prohibitions.

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